Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife (formerly It Gets Better Yellowknife) is an outreach organization to support queer youth and their allies in Yellowknife. As an organization, we strive to make Yellowknife a safer, more open, more knowledgeable place for all queer and allied youth.

Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife
PO Box 1751, STN Main
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2P3

Our History & Queer Organizing in the NWT

In 1997, an organization called OutNorth was formed in response to a call for public input on NWT Family Law. For the next decade, OutNorth spent time supporting the queer community, mostly through lobbying. OutNorth successfully lobbied the GNWT to allow for same-sex couples to adopt children (1998), pass the NWT Human Rights Act to include protection against discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity (2002), and same-sex marriage (2005).

OutNorth ceased to exist in 2007, and four years later in 2011, Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife was founded. Originally called “It Gets Better Yellowknife”, RCYK formed while honoring Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project campaign in the United States, as a response to the multiple young suicides of LGBTQ+ people.

Since our foundation in 2011, we’ve worked with national LGBTQ+ organizations as NWT representatives, offered peer-mentorship to youth all over the NWT, organized multiple events, and most recently, we’ve opened a Rainbow Youth Centre for queer youth, their families and their allies to utilize.