Queering Addictions is a space for LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two-Spirit, queer and questioning) people and their families and friends to come together to support those who navigate addiction.

The group takes place every Sunday at 1:00pm at the Rainbow Centre (5112 52nd Street), and is open to all ages. It is entirely free, and we will never solicit or ask for donations. Most importantly, it is completely confidential and anonymous.

It is a group that is built by its members and the people who make up the group. The people who attend the group control how it looks.

If you’re interested in attending but have questions or want to come see the space before group, please contact us at info@rainbowcoalitionyk.org or by calling us at 867-445-5878 (Jacq will answer).

The Queering Addictions group is made up of LGBTQ+ people who navigate addiction, who also want to build sober, drug-free spaces within the LGBTQ+ community. If this sounds like you, you should come!

Requirements to attend group are:

You must have the desire to deal with your addiction, or to support a loved one or friend with their addiction.

You musth ave a willingness to overcome your addiction, or you must believe in your loved one or friend’s ability to overcome their addiction.

You must be alcohol/drug-free at the time of the group.

You must be a member of or support the LGBTQ+ community.

You must 100% respect the rule of confidentiality and privacy. What happens at Queering Addictions stays at Queering Addictions.

Queering Addictions is…

Queering Addictions is, first and foremost, entirely confidential, private and anonymous.

Queering Addictions is a non-judgmental, confidential group based on open topics of addiction and identity.

Queering Addictions recognizes the complexity and multiplicity of addictions. We support all those who self-identify as having an addiction.

Queering Addictions is a space where we reflect on how addiction affects our experience of queerness and how queerness affects our experience of addiction.

Queering Addictions allows for people to be open about their mental health experiences.

Queering Addictions recognizes and reflects on the history of violence against LGBTQ+ people and people with addictions.

Queering Addictions is for people of all ages. Children are welcome.

Queering Addictions is a group and community built by its members and the people who make up the group.

Queering Addictions values fluidity, and recognizes that the group might need to evolve and change, depending on the people accessing it.

Queering Addictions values the wholeness of a person’s addiction, what affect their addiction and how their identity impacts their reality.